September 6, 2009

Dear Reader:

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to browse through my portfolio. Hopefully it will give a good perspective of the kind of person I am. If you scan through the various sections, you will see articles that will help explain my background and career interests. I also have a category solely on information about India which helped me understand the culture and lifestyles of the people of this beautiful country in which I had the opportunity of visiting during my Cal Poly MBA program. I have tried to keep my posts as interesting and thought provoking as possible in that section. Please feel free to comment or contact me about any questions you may have about any articles I have posted.

I truly believe that this portfolio gives an excellent portrayal of my values, work ethic, and experience that set me above my peers. Although my work experience is different than most, this portfolio will hopefully explain it and show how it has made me a better employee and manager. Thanks again for visiting my site, and I hope you leave with a better insight of myself, and how my traits and experience can contribute to your company.

Very Respectfully,

Fred Peemoeller

MBA, Cal Poly 2010